Medium: Run for Something’s January 2018 endorsements

We’re so excited to announced 61 new Run for Something candidates for the 2018 elections.

This new batch includes five (!!) incredible veterans, one Peace Corps alum, an environmental scientist running for to be American River Flood Control District Trustee, a graphic designer, a professional wrestler, a DREAMer, an equine vet, four judicial candidates, and a whole lot of parents fighting for their kids.

Many of our endorsed candidates running in competitive primaries; many others are running in elections that Democrats haven’t contested in literally decades. They’re all running strong campaigns focused on voter contact, local issues, and authentic connections to their communities.

So far in 2018, Run for Something has endorsed 89 progressive millennials running for local office across 25 states — on top of our 93 endorsed candidates in 2017. As we keep hitting filing deadlines and we expand our efforts, we hope to endorse 1,000 people before the November elections in an unprecedented movement of young progressives running (and, hopefully, winning!) positions of power across the country. Read more